DewGreen is our tiny-mighty farm in the hills of western MA. We use chem-free and humane farming methods, so you can sleep easy knowing that the food you buy from us is food the way Nature intended.

 We strive to create a healthy balance of soil nutrients, microbes and fungi so our pigs, sheep and chickens forage nutrient-dense grasses, forbs and legumes. This is a win/win for everybody because our animals love to eat that way; we love to see them content, and we love to keep our vet bills down. But it is not just about animal health: When animals eat nutrient-rich forages the food they provide for us is intensely flavorful and healthy. The way food is meant to be. So you win, too.

We use nature's own medicines to keep animals healthy. We resist quick fixes like antibiotics and conventional de-wormers, but rely on minerals, herbs and high-tannin forages for preventive and restorative measures. Now, we will not let an animal die if all natural remedies fail. We will then use an antibiotic or a conventional de-wormer, but that is rare, and we select for adaptable and rugged species to minimize the need to intervene.

We are not certified organic. We found out awhile back that we'd rather shovel sh..t than shuffle papers. Now, we do indeed respect the certification and what it represents, but we are too small to undertake the expense and the record-keeping. Maybe one day....

We are proud that we have used no antibiotics, pharmacological de-wormers, synthetic fertilizers or fly and tick repellents since June, 2013.

About Products & Animals

We produce Red Broiler chickens, Icelandic and Icelandic cross lamb, and Berkshire pork from animals we know and care for individually. All our animals are pastured, free of chemical treatments, get non-GMO feed and organic mineral supplementation to keep them on a very high plane of nutrition.

We offer two types of products:

  • Livestock sales, where you buy live animals from us, with recommendations, if you wish, for custom processing facilities for you to contact. We can also coordinate all processing for you, if you would like. This way, you can choose where the animal goes for slaughter and butchering. Our prices are based on the weight of the live animal, and you pay the processing facility of your choice for their services. Contact us directly on our web site (http://DewGreen.weebly.com) if you would like to explore this option.

  • Meat sales, where we have slaughter and butchering done at a USDA-certified facility. With this option, our prices include transport and processing as well as the weight of the carcass.


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